Revell F-18F Super Hornet WIP

I bought this kit for a deal at $10 bucks.  The box was rough, it had been opened, and few parts were missing including the canopy.  A visit to Revells online parts order form and a few weeks later the kit is now whole.

Stock photo of box art

I plan to build it OOB and use the decal sheet to depict the Diamondbacks marking as shown on the box art.  At first glance the kit looked promising.  Full decal sheet nicely printed, recessed panel lines, lots of options for under wing goodies, nicely detailed if not totally accurate wheel wells and cockpit. That all went out the window when assembly started and I was again elbow deep in fixing the fit issues common with Revellogram kits.

Lots of clamping, filling pin marks and so on.  On top of that the kit is warped once the top and bottom halves are mated.  Nothing horrible, but typical with Revelogram kits.

Warped wings


Lots of gaps


nothing lines up


Forcing everything together


Have to force everything to line up


Filling pin marks

The instructions call to assemble the seats and other cockpit bits prior to installing the cockpit tub into the fuselage but after going over the steps I decided I would have plenty of access to the cockpit tub after it was installed and would still be able to paint it once installed.  I will treat it the same way I paint wheel wells, painting the fuselage first then masking cockpit and wheel wells off and painting it later.

This will make masking easier and I wont break off any of the small bits that normally would be inside the cockpit tub.




The intakes come as 4 parts per side.  Lots of seams to fill.  I will update as progress continues.  Glad I only paid 10 bucks…

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