Diorama For A-20J Havoc

I decided to create a simple diorama for the Havoc model I completed to enter into the Orlando Modelpalooza contest This Sep 2017.  The dio consists of two WW2 monogram figures I took from some other kits I had, a WW2 Clark Clarktor Tug tractor, a couple of 250lb bombs and some scratch made bomb crates made from popsicle sticks.

Small bits for Havoc dio scene. Includes Tug, 250lb bombs with lift and bomb crates

I have complete basic assembly and have sprayed the a coat of future in prep for decals and weathering.  I do not plan to permanently glue anything down to the base so I can use these bits in future builds.

Monogram WW2 navigator figure
Basic WW2 tramac base

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